Period: 01-31 Dec 2022

Buy Electrolux dryers EDV705HQWA, EDV805JQWA, EDV754H3WB & EDV854J3WB and get the electricity subsidy with the following mechanism:

1. It’s a mandatory to register your product online and provide a rating and reviews on the product page on the website according to the product purchased.

2. The electricity subsidy will be given in the form of a shopping voucher worth Rp. 500,000 and will be sent directly to consumers. Make sure the post is not deleted for 1 (one) month and the account is open to the public during the validation process. Upload limit is 1 (one) month after the transaction date.

3. If there is no Transmart in the customer's area, the shopping voucher will be replaced with cashback

4. Only valid for dealers with invoice print

5. Claim the prize via the claim button below

6. Claim sell-out includes a copy of the invoice print, consumer ID card, and complete personal data (name, address, phone no., e-mail)

7. While supplies last


    Purchase In-Store

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