Dryer: #TantanganKeringBersih5000an

Period : 1-30 Sep 2021

  1. Buy Electrolux EDV805JQWA and EDV705HQWA and get a watt meter.

  2. Upload a consumer picture with Electrolux dryer and power consumption (in kWh unit) for 1 drying cycle in the Instagram account using #TantanganKeringBersih5000an hashtag.

  3. The result of electricity cost comes from the given watt meter multiplied by electricity base rate.

  4. Picture upload deadline is at maximum of 1 (one) month after transaction date.

  5. Electricity subsidy will be given in form of cashback at Rp 500.000 which will be transferred within 1 month after the verification process is completed.


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