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Terms & conditions for filling in the Gift Claim form
1. Make sure the invoice photo uploaded clearly shows the date of purchase and product type.

2. Make sure the type and amount of purchases filled in on the form match the type and amount of purchases listed on the invoice.

3. Register your product online (here’s the link), give rating and reviews on the product page on the website according to the product purchased (here's how to leave a review on the website).

4. The name used to provide a review must match the name listed on the invoice.

5. The email used to provide the review must be the same as the email used in the gift claim form.

6. The name written on the gift claim form is the name on the ID card and must match the name listed on the invoice.

7. Check the statement checkbox declaring that you have provided a rating and review at the end of the form.

8. We will verify every review given.

9. The serial number photo must be taken from the product unit directly (not from the cardboard/box and warranty card), except for the hob product, it can be from the manual book.

10. If your gift claim data meets the conditions above, then you will receive the gift no later than 30 working days from the claim date.

If you do not meet the conditions above, we will inform you via email and please reclaim in accordance with the applicable provision.

11. If the serial number you input is detected to have been used before during verification, then the gift claim is automatically INVALID and cannot be processed.

12. If the product serial number registered is INVALID, you will receive information via email. For further clarification, you can contact the shop where you transact.

13. In order for us to deliver information to you, make sure the email address and phone number you enter are correct and active.

14. The deadline for filling out and sending this form is 30 days from the date of the invoice / unit purchase. More than that, we will not process the form and the gift cannot be claimed.

For more information about claiming gift, click the link here. If you are still experiencing problems with filling out the form or the points above, you can contact us at CustomerCareID@electrolux.com or 081770913771 (whatsapp gift electrolux).
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