food preparation buying guide and tips


Small Electrolux kitchen appliances can help you to prepare all your preferred recipes; nevertheless it is not always easy to know which appliance will suit your needs. We have some tips for you; it will help you make your choice: it is part of our “Thinking of You” commitment.


Stick mixer buying guide and tips


Small and easy to handle, it is your best ally in your daily meal preparation. You can mix a tasty soup directly in the pan; prepare fresh fruit compote or delicious pancakes. It can be used mainly for mixing pre-cooked ingredients or liquid preparations. It can be equipped with few accessories. A mini-chopper is very useful for mixing dry ingredients like nuts or tougher ingredients like meat. It can be used also for preparing small portions of puree. In addition, the whisk accessory can be used for weeping cream, light dough or eggs.


blender buying guide and tips


Blender buying guide and tips


Nothing resists to Electrolux blenders. It crushes ice, dry fruits & nuts. It also liquidizes ingredients for preparing, milkshakes, smoothes, cocktails or soups. It can be used for preparing purees, guacamole or mayonnaise as well. Glass jugs are recommended if you often crush ice. High wattage is not necessary for a blender, it is not more efficient and it is not ecological. The material and shape of the knives have a direct impact on the efficiency.


Hand mixer / stand mixer buying guide and tips


Hand mixers are equipped with beaters and hooks. Beaters are indispensable for whipping eggs and cream, preparing béchamel and kneading light dough. Hooks can be used for pie dough and heavy dough such as bread or pizza dough. If you are used to make your home dough and/or bread, it would be more convenient for you to get a stand mixer. Indeed, you can fix the hand mixer to the stand. Thus, the appliance will work for you automatically. It is recommended to have a stand mixer equipped with a rotating bowl for a better result. You should pay attention to the material of tools. Stainless steel is the best material. Long lasting and dishwasher safe, it is more robust and easier to clean.


food processor buying guide and tips


Food processor buying guide and tips


It is the most versatile appliance. You can mix, knead, slice, grate, liquidize, whip, extract juice etc. Despite this appliance will be an aid for all tiresome tasks, it is recommended to be an experienced cook for using it. It is bulkier than other appliances since it is delivered with a wide range of accessories. If they are not useful for you, the versatility will be more an inconvenient than an advantage for you. As a result; the most important thing is to know what your needs are. Perhaps a more dedicated appliance such as blender, stick mixer or hand mixer will be more convenient for you.


*Disclaimer: Pictures are for illustration purpose only and not necessarily the products that are sold.

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