Electrolux warranty varies depending on the product you buy. Check the warranty period and policy for your Electrolux product here.

The 1-year warranty period applies to all front load washing machines. The 10-year warranty applies only to all refrigerator compressors, motors and front load washing machine tubs (valid from date of purchase).

  1. Repairs within the warranty period, consumer must be able to show the original purchase receipt and warranty card to the Electrolux Service Technician.
  2. This warranty card must be filled in completely and returned before 14 days from the date of purchase or the consumer can also enter the data online via https://register.electrolux.co.id/en-id/register/ 
  3. The warranty only applies to appliances imported or manufactured by PT Electrolux Indonesia and is valid only in Indonesia. Get 2 months extra warranty by registering your product warranty online.
  4. Consumers can only be served by an authorized Electrolux service for warranty handling.
  5. Warranty will be void if the appliance does not use original Electrolux spare parts, or has been repaired / modified by a technician other than PT Electrolux Indonesia authorized service.
  6. Warranty will be void, if the damage is caused by use outside of product specifications, misuse or not in accordance with the user instructions, drops, voltage, cracks due to pressure, storage errors, scratches, rust, stains, molds, chemicals, animals, riots, natural disasters (earthquake, lightning, flood, fire, etc.).
  7. Use for commercial / business activities such as laundry, hotel, clinic, restaurant, etc., is not covered under the warranty.
  8. Electrolux reserves the right to charge additional fees or refuse service visits to places that are not reachable or considered dangerous to technicians.

* Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Changes will be updated directly on the Electrolux website.

Here are the details of the Electrolux product warranty:



General Warranty



 Water Dispenser

 Chest Freezer

1 year

  • 10 years warranty on compressor for Refrigerator and 5 years for Chest Freezer (excluding Water Dispenser).
  • Accessories: Rack/Shelf, Deodorizer, Vita Light, Door Lock are not covered.

 Cooking appliances

1 year

  • Includes: Hobs, Freestanding Cooker, Portable Cooker, Induction Hob, Gas Hob, Induction Portable Stove, Cooker Hood, BuiltIn Oven, Microwave.
  • Accessories: Knobs, swivel plates, filters and other accessories are not
 Water Heater
  • Storage
  • Instant

1 year

  • 5 years warranty for heating tank element and 10 years for tank leakage (applies to storage).
  • 5 years warranty for heating element (applies to instant).

 Vacuum Cleaner

1 year

  • Dust bags, Nozzle and accessories are not covered.

 Washing machine

  • Front Loading
  • Top Loading
  • Dryer
  • Twin Tub

1 year

  • Water hoses, dirt filters and other accessories are not covered.
  • 10 years warranty for motor and stainless wash tubes (only applies to Front Loading).*
  • 10 years warranty for the motor (only applies to Top Loading).*
  • 10 year warranty for dryer motor.

 Air Conditioner

1 year

  • 5 years warranty on compressor only.
  • Remotes, air filters and accessories are not covered.
  • Damage caused by the air conditioning cleaning process is not covered.
  • Freon is not covered if it has been more than 1 (one) month from the date of purchase or installation date.

 SDA (Small Domestic Appliances)

1 year

  • Includes: Electric Iron, Food Processor, Blender, Rice Cooker, Hand Mixer, Stand Mixer, Sandwich Maker, Coffee Maker, Oven Toaster, Pop Up Toaster, Juicer, Kitchen Machine, Air Fryer.
  • The warranty does not apply to accessories such as jars, trays, spatulas and other accessories.

1 year

  • The warranty does not apply to accessories such as Dish Racks, Places Spoons and other accessories that can be removed from the unit.
 Air Purifier

1 year

  • Filters are not covered by the warranty.

*applies to certain types

Regularly having your products cared for by professionals is one of the key factors for ensuring their lasting performance. Check out Electrolux’s authorized maintenance services, and let our technicians carry out a complete cleaning of your appliances.

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