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How-to-videos for washing machines

Welcome to the Electrolux washing machine product page

Discover a broad selection of single tub washing machines, from front load to top load washing machines and washer dryers, with capacities ranging from 7kg up to 10kg and 11kg. Explore our page to find the perfect automatic washing machine to suit your needs and budget.

A washing machine or a washer dryer is one of the most essential appliances in any household. It keeps your clothes and fabrics clean and fresh while saving you a lot of time and energy. When choosing a laundry machine for your home, there are four main factors to consider: capacity, size, type and features you might need.

Washing machine capacity guide

Here is a brief guide on how to choose the right washing machine capacity according to your family size:

Washing machine capacity (kg)

Family size

7.5kg washing machines

Singles or couples

8kg washing machines

3-4 members

9kg, 10kg, 11kg washing machines

5+ members

At Electrolux, we offer a diverse collection of washing machine series, each tailored to meet different needs. If you are looking for an Electrolux washing machine but not sure which series to go for, refer to our quick guideline below:

Family size

Recommended Electrolux washing machine

Singles or couples

UltimateCare 300 washing machines

3-4 members

UltimateCare 300 washing machines
UltimateCare 500 washing machines

5+ members

UltimateCare 300 washing machines
UltimateCare 500 washing machines
UltimateCare 700 washing machines
UltimateCare 900 washing machines

Washing machine sizes (dimensions)

The washing machine you choose must accurately fit within the allocated space. In the below washing machine size chart, you will find common dimension ranges of a normal washing machine:

Washing machine type

Dimension (cm)

Front load washing machine

W: 60, H: 85, D: 61

Top load washing machine

W: 60, H: 96, D: 60

To know which washing machine size is right for your home, be sure to follow our Washing machine size guide. In this guide, you will find helpful tips on how to measure the space to place the washer.

Washing machine types

Washing machines come in different types based on the number of functions and the level of manual work involved:

Fully Automatic or Single Tub Washing Machine

This type of washer features a single tub for both washing and drying, automating the entire washing process and thus, requiring minimal human intervention. You can refer to our post about the Differences between single tub and twin tub washing machines to have a better understanding of each type.

Depending on where clothes are loaded, single tub washing machines are categorized into three types:

Semi-Automatic or Twin Tub Washing Machine

Twin-tub washing machines have two separate tubs for washing and spin-drying, and you need to manually move your laundry from one to the other.

Other washing machine features to look for

  • Energy and water savings: Modern automatic washing machines and washer dryers can help you save plenty of energy and water. More helpful information can be found in our post about How many watts does a washing machine consume?
  • Care for delicates: Many modern washing machines and washer dryers have special wash programs for cleaning delicate fabrics or even wool.
  • Self-cleaning feature: Self-clean function helps to maintain the performance of your washing machine if run on a regular basis.
  • Automatic mixing of detergent and softener: This feature helps to protect every fibre by optimally blending water, detergent and softener before entering the drum.

Hopefully, our brief guide has provided you with some basic ideas on what to consider before buying a new laundry machine for your home. More helpful advice can be found in our comprehensive guide on How to choose a good washing machine, as well as in our Washer dryer buying guide.

Choose the best washing machine with Electrolux

Electrolux washing machines offer a perfect laundry experience that protects your garments. With features like HygienicCare that removes allergens and germs or the highly efficient EcoInverter motor, an Electrolux washing machine or washer and dryer combo will save you money and become the cornerstone of your laundry room.

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