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The first step in how to clean an electric oven is to just start. Chances are that you’ve overcomplicated this task in your head and now you’re facing the consequences of neglecting your oven for so long.

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Getting a dishwasher is not just an excuse for not wanting to do the dishes. While it does significantly save you from cleaning duty, a dishwasher lets you achieve outstanding and hygienic cleaning results, with less energy and water compared to hand washing

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A dishwasher is one of those home appliances that you never want to live without once you’ve used one. It’s extremely convenient and saves you time and money. However, many people never really get the best results out of their dishwasher because they either load it incorrectly, use the wrong program or make other mistakes in its operation.

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While ovens have become a mainstay in kitchens around the world, many people aren’t always sure how to properly use their oven to cook delicious meals. Figuring out how to use an oven on your own can be daunting. But it’s easier than you might think, as long as you keep a few basic things in mind.

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Your cooker hood is an essential part of your kitchen setup that is, unfortunately, often overlooked when it comes to care and maintenance. But since your cooker hood is doing such an excellent job at keeping your air clean, it’s time to return the favour. Here are Electrolux’s tips on how to clean your cooker hood properly.

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Electrolux is proud to announce that its new UltimateTaste microwave oven range has won a prestigious iF Design Award 2023.

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Do you put off cleaning your microwave until it’s absolutely covered in mess? It’s easy to keep microwave messes hidden when you close its door, but what about the odours and bacteria? Evaporated grease, spills, and splatters can leave mixed smells of old food that can spoil the dishes you cook in the future.

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Cleaning your vacuum cleaner is extremely important in order to keep your home clean. In this guide, Electrolux Indonesia will show you how to clean a vacuum cleaner inside out, from its head and brush to its hose and filter.

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When it comes to clothes, jackets are our ultimate protectors. They shield us from the cold and keep us safe from dirt and rain.

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