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A vacuum is easy to use but there’s a difference between clean and impeccably spotless — it’s all in the details

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Microwave ovens are a real game changer in the kitchen. They enable you to enjoy perfectly cooked and piping hot food within minutes.

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Meat, and particularly beef, is one of the most beloved foodstuffs around the world. People eat billions of kilograms of meat every year, but sobering statistics show that around 20% of all the meat that is produced is never eaten.

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In 2018, the Electrolux refrigerator was awarded a certificate from the Indonesian World Record Museum

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Knowing how to store vegetables in the refrigerator not only protects your wallet, it also helps you in leading a more sustainable life and avoiding food waste.

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You run water and washing detergent in your washing machine regularly. Does it mean it’s clean? Not necessarily.

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What are your laundry habits like? How you use a washing machine will impact your clothes, and water and energy use

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Electrolux is set to launch a Sustainability Squad, of ten influencers from the region, to further our goal of spreading the word on the practices of sustainable living to communities in APAC and MEA. The influencer initiative will start off with a virtual sustainability event this April.

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If you opened your fridge now and took a good whiff, what would it smell like? If it smells good, you’re all good. If it smells strange, then it could be time to do a thorough clean.

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