Dryers Buying Guide

Choosing the right Electrolux dryer – with all the different models, features and functions – can be tricky. Here are a few things to think about before you buy one.


 Guide 1

Consider laundry space


Space is a constraint for many of us – but that does not mean we have to compromise on features, quality or style. Our comprehensive range of slim dryers and combined washer-dryers is the perfect solution for saving space. Alternatively, you could place your dryer on top of your washing machine to save a bit of room. This also makes it quicker and easier to transfer your laundry from the washer to the dryer.


Guide 2

Smart drying capacity


Are you drying just a few clothes or do you have mounds of laundry that need drying? Either way, fret not! Electrolux dryers have drying capacity of up to eight kilograms, but are versatile enough to let you to dry a small amount of clothes. Our machines are also fitted with Sensor Dryer technology that automatically senses when your clothes are dry.


Guide 3

Ironed out feature


Ironing is a backbreaking chore – but this is not something you need to worry about any more. Our dryers come with innovative programs like Easy Iron, which reduces ironing time by up to 50%, leaving you free to do more enjoyable activities and focus on the more important things in life.


Guide 4

Easy to use drying programs


We are not fans of complicated words or nonsense naming at Electrolux – which is why our programs, such as Wool Care, Intensive Dry, Delicates and Easy Iron, do exactly what their names suggest. These easy-to-understand functions will also help you get the best out of your dryer.


Guide 5

Drying shoes faster


There is nothing worse than soaking wet shoes after a rainy day. Rather than leave them out to dry, you can toss your shoes in an Electrolux dryer. Our dryers have a special drying rack that can dry shoes and even woollens. With the Intensive Dry program, you can also put sturdier clothes like jeans in our dryers for quicker drying.


Guide 6

No more allergies


Spring and summer are lovely seasons – but not if you suffer an allergic reaction and have to spend the bulk of your time at home with a red nose and runny eyes. Did you know that you can remove pollen, dust and other allergens from your clothes by simply tumble drying them? Now that's something not to be sniffed at.


*Disclaimer: Pictures are for illustration purpose only and not necessarily the products that are sold.


For more information about Electrolux Dryers, check out Dryers FAQ page.

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