8kg UltimateCare 500 front load washer 

8kg UltimateCare 500 front load washer 

  • EWF8025EQWA
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  • Wrinkles reduced, style updated
  • 99% allergen and germ free
  • Washes wool easily

Hygienic clean. VapourCare.

99.9%* less germs and allergens.

* Tested on certain harmful allergens and germs:
K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus
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Colour of product may vary based on Country specific model
Wash wool the easy way Wash wool the easy way

Wash wool the easy way

Safely wash your precious woollens on our Wool cycle that is Woolmark-approved. This dedicated cycle preserves your machine-washable woollens with minimum felting and optimum cleansing efficiency so they look and feel new for longer.
Easy loading and unloading Easy loading and unloading

Easy loading and unloading

With improved 3XL door, you have a door opening that is 12% bigger* making loading and unloading your laundry is now easier than ever. *compare to machines with 2XL door
Hygienic clean. VapourCare. Hygienic clean. VapourCare.

Hygienic clean. VapourCare.

The VapourCare function finishes the wash cycle with uses a soft spray of vapour to remove up to 99.9%* of germs and allergens. By producing vapour at only 40°C it is gentler on your fabrics, whilst also saving energy.
Open door to smarter washing Open door to smarter washing

Open door to smarter washing

The Add Clothes function gives you the flexibility to quickly add forgotten clothes up to 15 minutes after the start of a wash cycle. That way, you never have odds and ends left over after doing laundry.

Variable wash time for better care

Quick 15 wash cycle is one of the fastest cycles in the market that delivers a quick 15 minutes wash suitable for your everyday fabrics. The Daily 60 which is good for larger load, allows you the freedom to select your wash temperatures so you have the full adaptability to do laundry on your terms.


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2 YEARS Front-load washer general warranty
1 YEAR Top-load washer general warranty
10 YEARS Top-loader washer and Font-load washer warranty

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