10 delicious foods for the Chinese New Year celebration

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Other than distributing the angpau which is always waited for during Chinese New Year celebration, there are a number of delicious food for the New Year celebration. The food variety is quite numerous and here are the 10 unique food usually present at every Chinese New Year.

  1. Siu mie, a Chinese New Year unique fried noodle that symbolizes long life, abundant fortune and happiness. Siu mie has spongy texture and delicious taste.
  2. Yu sheng, an appetizer in form of colorful salad, a mix between vegetables and fresh fish. Yu sheng is believed as food that brings luck.
  3. Jiao zi, food shaped in ancient money. As addition to harmony symbol, this food is also a form of hope that the family who consumes it is always blessed with success and abundant fortune.
  4. Whole chicken or duck serving, which is a symbol of loyalty and observance. The chicken and duck served whole is a form of hope that the family who consumes it will always be intact and live happily.
  5. Red cup cake,which is a symbol of fortune which is always blooming and never interrupted all year long.
  6. Kue keranjang (New Year's Cake),or nian gao which means a more prosperous year. The new year's cake is usually arranged upon the red cupcake as a symbol of the keep increasing life.
  7. Octagonal confection, or the tray of happiness, is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, welfare, and luck.
  8. Mandarin orange, a symbol of prosperity and welfare. The yellow color of the mandarin orange is also a symbol of gold that brings to welfare.
  9. Eight treasure soup, or eight shape soup, is a symbol of business success that never retracts, just like the numeral 8 that has no end line.
  10. Thousand layer cake, which is a symbol of hope of fore coming layers of fortune in the new year. This cake also symbolizes sweeter life.

Those are the 10 delicious food usually available during Chinese New Year celebration. You could buy some of the food above, but it's better if you make the cakes yourself, with flavor and shape adjusted to your liking.

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Don't forget to use Electrolux home appliances to make the process easier and get maximum results, for example for roast chicken or duck.

These foods can be processed by first fine grind seasoning such as turmeric, pepper, garlic, etc. Then the ground seasoning is put into the chicken, and the outer part is smeared with the same seasoning. Then roast the whole chicken in the oven.


For maximum roasting result, it is recommended to use Electrolux EOB2100COD Electric Oven with a capacity of 53 liters, which has a large fan to circulate hot air evenly in the oven so your whole chicken will be cooked evenly.


With its large capacity, you don't need to worry that your whole chicken or duck does not fit. Everything can be arranged which makes the Chinese New Year food cooking more enjoyable.  Cool, isn't it?

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