Bahaya PM2.5 Si Pembunuh Senyap

PM2.5 Hazard, the Silent Killer

Do you know that the PM2.5 (also called the silent killer) and virus hazard exist around us?
PM2.5 is 2.5 micron-sized invisible particles that can do harm to our health.
Indoor PM2.5 sources include cigarette smoke, candle smoke, chimney and cooking flue, and oil lamp smoke.
The hazards include: upper respiratory tract infection, asthma, lung, heart, and irritation problems.
Now it is made worse with the virus pandemic.

To protect our loved ones, Electrolux air purifier is present to keep the air clean.
Electrolux Pure A9 has also been certified as capable to eliminate H1N1 influenza virus.
Want to know more? Watch the following video:

So what are the advantages of Electrolux air purifiers?
Electrolux air purifier product has PM2.5 digital indicator with second-precision laser sensor that detects air quality in real time and tells the air purifier to clean the air quickly.
Complete with 5-step filtration, comprising the Pre Filter, Antibacterial, HEPA13 and Carbon filters to neutralize odor, and an Ionizer to release positive ions to deactivate viruses and bacteria.
The air purifier filter is cylindrical and has the largest size in its class so it can clean more air faster.
Takes air from all sides 360 degree around. The completely filtered air is returned to room with a tornado-like burst so it can reach all corners and edges of space.
Certified as a proof of actually applying a filter to deactivate H1N1 virus.
May be connected to smartphone app through WiFi
So what are you waiting for? Get Electrolux air purifier for long term investment of your own and your family health.
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