Can a washing machine wash clothes with laces?

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Clothes with Laces

Clothes with laces are type of clothes that can give feminine, luxurious, and elegant impressions. Unfortunately, laces are known to be very thin and fragile, so they are very easily torn when when washed in a washing machine.

All washing tips have always suggested to avoid using washing machines when dealing with clothes with laces. On another detail, it will be suggested to avoid using detergent for the clothes with laces, even further, using bleach.

Is It True that Clothes with Laces are Not Suitable for Washing Machine?

As we know, a washing machine works by turning the rinsing area to produce tumbling  as a part of the washing process. With this tumbling, the dirt in the clothes will be pulled out with help of water and detergent.

Unfortunately, a tumbling which is too hard is surely not a friend for clothes with laces. This makes many people seem to strictly restrict use of washing machine to wash clothes with laces. While in fact, this does not apply to all washing machines.

There are washing machines that do not only remove dirt, but are also quite safe to wash clothes with laces, one of which is the  Electrolux UltimateCare 900, the best washing machine with a capacity of 11 kg, which has many interesting features.

An example is the Woolmark apparel care feature which allows washing of delicate clothing, such as the clothes with laces and wool fabric, safely, without risk of shrinkage, even if the clothing label says hand wash only.

With this great feature, caring for delicate clothing will be easier than before. Electrolux UltimateCare 900 is actually designed very carefully and is proved to be gentle on your clothes, so this machine is very suitable for delicate clothing.

In other words, the Electrolux UltimateCare 900 will keep your clothes with laces preserved and beautiful, even tough they are frequently washed in a washing machine. Cool, isn't it?


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