Hard cheese in the fridge, can be cooked again!

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Hard cheese

If you're the type of person who often keeps various foods in the refrigerator, have you ever stored cheese for a while and it turned hard?

This can happen to anyone. Not because the quality of the cheese is poor, but maybe the wrong storage method and not suitable for certain temperatures and climates. It's also possible that you store cheese in the refrigerator because you're afraid it might get moldy. However, the cheese that should have been soft in texture turned out to be very hard and even moldy. What should you do?

There is only one suggestion: don't throw it away!

For those of you who love to cook and also innovate in the kitchen, cheese can be a source of flexible food ingredients and an unbeatable taste! Italian cheeses like parmesan have the potential to dry out and harden more quickly. While parmesan is better eaten hard, it shouldn't be so hard that it's hard to grate.

With just a few basic spices and a hardened cheese rind, you can get a delicious taste for any soupy dish! This will also bring out the umami taste — a savory and delicious taste — in your food. This is very efficient and effective for your cooking innovation and is also a way to reduce food waste.

How to put the cheese is relatively easy. Collect about five to six crusts of hardened cheese and make the basis of your meal. After that, just dip it into your soup or grate it on top. Cheeses like parmesan are very easy to melt! Because it is made with a set of enzymes called rennet which makes milk easily dissolve when heated. Due to the thickening process, the cheese will begin to melt. Especially if it is boiled with liquid and boiling food such as soup or broth.

This stew can be stored in the freezer indefinitely. Especially if you store it with the UltimateTaste 300 refrigerator. Complete with the TasteGuard feature and its carbon filter, it can keep your refrigerator fresh, hygienic, and free from unwanted odors.

Your cheese can also be stored with the TasteLockAuto crisper, the fruits and vegetables you store will still be fresh even if they are stored for 7 days or more. Cool, right?

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