Watch Out! This is Why a Microwave Emits Smoke

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Do you often use a microwave to process food? This electronic appliance is considered practical because it can be used to cook various dishes. Many people have grown dependent on using a microwave but it’s unfortunately not accompanied by sufficient maintenance.

As a result, the microwave emits smoke in the midst of the cooking process. What are the factors causing this appliance to do so?

Not cleaned according to procedure

Don’t wait until the microwave is dirty to clean it! The more grime is accumulated or neglected, the more difficult for you to get rid of it. Moreover, cleaning a microwave without following proper procedure will be one of the reasons for it to emit smoke.

Food residue in the microwave that is exposed to heat when you’re processing another new dish will burn it. So imagine how serious the smoke that is emitted when the food residue remaining in the microwave is not properly cleaned. Therefore, routinely clean the microwave according to procedure.

Using the wrong container or tray

You also need to pay attention to the container or tray where you place the food. Not all materials are safe to be put into the microwave. However, some people are less careful and randomly use any container without thinking of the consequences.

Two materials that should be avoided are plastic and metal. Plastic is a material that is easily reactive to high temperatures and metal carries the risk of breaking down dangerous chemicals.

Also, make sure that no staples accidentally enter the microwave because they easily trigger sparks.

Burning the food

This particular case is very annoying. In a severe case, burnt food will cause smoke and even wreck the components of the microwave. You may suffer double the loss: unable to enjoy the food or use the microwave.

That’s why you need to set the time as recommended by the recipe. If the microwave is already smoking, immediately turn off the appliance and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Once the smoke volume dissipates, remove the food and throw it away, then bring the microwave to a kitchen appliance repair shop.

Those are several factors causing a microwave to emit smoke and the solutions you can take to prevent and manage it. Hope you find it useful!

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