Here’s How to Make a Healthy Juice Like Doctors Do

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Juice Like Doctors Do

Juice is one of the healthy snacks recommended to be consumed every day. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to make a healthy juice. Instead of getting health benefits, they get a juice that may be harmful to their health.

According to Dr. Adithia Kwee, member of the Medical Editorial Team, these are several things to pay attention to when you are making juice to get the maximum benefits.

  1. Choose fresh fruits and/or vegetables. Before processing, fruits and vegetables must be washed clean to remove the dirt and pesticide residue that may remain.
  2. Don’t add sugar, simply rely on the natural sweet taste of the fruits. If you must enhance the taste, use honey as sweetener.
  3. Before processing, it’s better for the fruits to be cut up in small sizes for easier blending, so the texture of the fruits and vegetables is evenly smooth.
  4. The pulp of fruits and vegetables should not be thrown away because that’s where the fiber content is. The pulp of fruits and vegetables can be used to thicken the juice.
  5. If considered too thick, the pulp can be used as ingredient for other dishes, such as steamed porridge, pudding mixture, or other foods.

To get maximum juice quality, make sure you use the Electrolux EBR9804S, a special product from Electrolux's range of blenders capable of producing juice with a complete nutritional content and a creamier juice texture.

Moreover, the flavor of the juice produced will be more delicious with a more perfect thickness. This is because the fruit cutting process is smoother and more precise.

The Electrolux EBR9804S is also equipped with easily cleaned, rust free, and sharper Titanium Coated Blades. There is also the 3 Speeds + 4 Preset Programs feature that makes the juicing process easier and more fun.

Don’t worry, the product comes with a 2.2 Liter capacity, letting you make juices in larger quantities. The remaining juice can be stored in a special container to be stored in the refrigerator. How awesome is that?


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