Important tips for you who want to start a cooking hobby

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Important tips for you

Not only as a hobby that bring joy to the family, cooking hobby can be your asset to start a career, at minimum as a YouTuber by presenting a tutorial on how to cook or process food ingredients before cooking.

But first, to get maximum result, you should consider the following matters before starting your cooking hobby.

Get Trusted Recipe Resource

For those who have just learned to cook, a recipe is like the holy book  that must be used as a guide to make delicious food. From usage of salt, seasoning, how to cut vegetables, process meat, and others, must be done according to the recipe.

There are many recipe books you can choose, or articles on specific recipes on the internet. But keep in mind that the source must be really reliable.

Have the Equipment

You cannot learn to cook if you don't have a hob, knife, or when you'd have to borrow a wok from your neighbor.

Before learning to cook, make sure all equipment required for cooking are already available. At minimum you must have standard kitchen equipment such as a hob, knife, wok, mortar, dough bowl of various sizes, and other equipment.

Use Quality Ingredients

For maximum food result, make sure you select quality ingredients. For example, use original chocolate made of cacao powder, not bulk chocolate, use flour of well-known brand ,and other ingredients.

I will be a little more expensive, but quality ingredients will lead you to produce delicious and palatable food.


Join a Cooking Community 


Important tips for you 2


This is the most important. Other than getting recipes, try to join a cooking community. To facilitate this matter, Electrolux is present with Electrolux Taste and Care Center.

Here you would not be only introduced to Electrolux best products and try them yourself, but there is also a
 cooking class and a baking class led directly by the professional chefs and Home Cook Moms.

By joining Electrolux Taste and Care Center, you'd not only know about Electrolux products, but you will also be guided to be a good chef and make the most of your kitchen equipment. Cool, isn't it?

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