Is it true that a dryer consumes a lot of electricity?

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Is it true that a dryer consumes a lot of electricity

When the rainy season comes and laundry cannot be dried under the sun optimally due to damp weather, many people then opt to use a dryer. Other than more convenient, the reason is that it dries the laundry maximally without worrying about musty smell.

Unfortunately, many people consider using a dryer will increase the electricity bill significantly. This is because most dryers consume 2000-3000 watts of power.

Is it True that A Dryer Consumes a Lot of Electricity?

There might be an increase in electricity cost due to increasing power usage, but how much? Is it really going to strain your wallet? Instead of guessing, let us do the following simple calculation.

As an example, most Indonesian families do the laundry twice a week (8 times a month), with dryer usage of 2-3 hours for one wash (depending on quality and type of dried fabric). It can be less or more than the above value)

In other words, we'd arrive at the following calculation formula:

Using Electrolux UltimateCare dryer, which maximum power consumption of only 1650 watts, one drying cycle only requires 3.39 kWh.

The electricity cost can be calculated as follows:

Electricity cost = usage (kWh) x Electricity Base Rate (TDL)

Electricity cost = 3.31 x Rp. 1,467 per kWh = Rp 4,973.13

Thus with 8 times of use per month, you only need to pay additional electricity cost of Rp 39,785.04 per month

This calculation uses electricity rate on non-subsidized tariff (basic price = Rp. 1,467 per kWh). Quite low, isn't it?

To make it even lower, you can select UltimateCare Dryer, which is equipped with Reverse Tumbling technology. The effect is that the dyer cannot only dry the laundry but can also maintain softness and prevent creases on clothes up to 32%.

In other words, using the UltimateCare Dryer will save you time more time and money because it will make the ironing process faster and easier.

Moreover, the UltimateCare Dryer is equipped with the Fast 40 program that enables you to dry the laundry only in 40 minutes. Then there is SensorDry, a smart sensor that will keep the laundry's softness, vibrant colour, and wearing comfort.

So there is no other choice, the UltimateCare Dryer is the best solution for people who need an energy efficient dryer, with maximum result.


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