Leftover vegetables can be broth! Here's how!

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Leftover vegetables

Every monthly shopping, you prepare various vegetables that you want to buy, right? However, your cooking plans change and the ingredients you buy are forgotten and sit in the refrigerator. Instead of throwing it away and being wasted, is it better to use it as fresh and practical food?

Well, has it ever crossed your mind that the leftovers can be used as food again? So true! After making food for the family, these leftover vegetables can be used as a solid ingredient for delicious vegetable broth!

Like magic, these vegetable scraps can reduce vegetable waste or paper aluminum waste. Not only that, making broth at home can save your shopping budget and you can mix and match the broth as much as you want!

It's very easy!

Just save any leftover vegetables. Everything can be used! From the ends of carrots, pieces of onion, celery, onion skins, bay leaves, potato skins, to bay leaves. The important thing is to store everything in your refrigerator until there is enough ingredients to make the broth.

When everything is in sight, the cooking process is also easy! Place all ingredients in a large saucepan and bring to a boil some salt and pepper water. When everything is hot, reduce the heat on the stove and leave it on for an hour. Don't forget to cover the pot for maximum processing!

After the broth is cooked, wait for it to cool slightly and put it in the freezer. This broth can be used for a variety of your cooking needs in the future.

Vegetable broth can be used to make dishes such as steamboat, chicken soup, vegetable soup, capcay, or even stir-fries that have been in the refrigerator for days.

Want to start trying to make the broth? For maximum results, let's use a 90cm Potenza gas hob with 3 burners! Not only is the design comfortable, your cooking needs will also be more convenient.

This hob has a stove with a burner that can produce fire heat energy equivalent to 4.8Kw, perfect for making high heat for the easy cooking process of your vegetable broth. This hob can also cook more broth for you because it has 3 burners, perfect for versatile cooking and reducing cooking time. Very efficient, right?

How easy is it to turn leftover vegetables into vegetable broth? Let's start trying now and become an agent in the zero-waste food movement!

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