Potatoes are the most practical food, here's the proof!

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Potatoes are one of the most practical and versatile foodstuffs.

As a source of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes can still be delicious, nutritious, and certainly filling! Not only that, but because the amount of carbohydrates from potatoes is less than rice, you can choose potatoes as an alternative to your daily diet!

Besides being delicious, potatoes are easy to make! Potatoes can be made into food, snacks, or other things! Even the leftovers from the tubers are useful! Curious right? Read below, come on!

1) Make potato skins your newest snack!

After frying potatoes for your little one? Don't throw away the skin! Potato skins can be processed into potato skin chips! It's not too complicated to make, really. Just fry the leftover potato skins in flour (or not!) and fry! Once cooked, drain the oil and sprinkle with seasonings like salt, pepper, chili, whatever! So delicious snacks!

2) Potatoes getting 'dirty'? Could be plant seeds!

If placed in a damp place, some parts of the potatoes may look brown. Instead of throwing it away, it's better to just plant it! Peel off the chocolate and leave overnight to dry. If so, plant the remaining potatoes to 20 cm below the soil. Leave about 30cm between your potatoes and get ready to see your potatoes thriving!

3) Turn leftover potatoes into 'food' for plants!

So often gardening after the pandemic? Let's try to make your own fertilizer from food scraps, like potatoes! Well, after the cooking process, don't forget to save the remaining skin or chocolate part in your refrigerator! Just prepare water, husk charcoal, lime, liquid fertilizer, and soil, and mix it all together with the remaining potato waste. Voila! So compost for your next favorite plant!

4) Have fun with your cooking experiments!

Tired of cooking the same thing? Make french fries? Boooo boring! Potatoes can be cooked in any form! Mash your potatoes, it can be mashed potatoes or potato patties. Boil potatoes and add vegetables, eggs, mayonnaise, yogurt — it could be potato salad! Cut potatoes and bake, add eggs, so potato omelette! Or it could be baked potatoes, anything is possible!

Want to experiment with your food now? Use 30L Microwave Table Top with Air Cook only!

This microwave is complete with 5 in 1 program, which gives the ability in oven, grill, convection (fan), steam, and air cook! Do all kinds of potatoes you want to try with this microwave, it can be healthier!

Let's try it now at home! Most importantly, you can contribute to your environment without throwing away organic waste and hurting our motherland!

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