#7DaysFreshnessChallenge - UltimateTaste 400

Period : 01-30 Sep 2022

1. Every purchase of a refrigerator type EHE5224B-A, EQE6000A-B, ETB5400B-A/H/G & ETB4600B-A/H/G gets FREE vacuum cleaner EC31-2BB if the customer joins the #7DaysFreshnessChallenge

2. Customers are required to post photos together with the Electrolux Nutrifresh refrigerator and the results of the challenge of storing vegetables and fruit for 7 (seven) days on their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Mention @ElectroluxIndonesia and include the hashtag #7DaysFreshnessChallenge #SurabayaFreshnessChallenge (mention according to the name of the city where the customer lives)

3. Maximum upload limit is 1 (one) month after the transaction date. Make sure Facebook and Instagram are not private for validation and posts are not deleted for 1 (one) month.



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