Period 01-31 Oct'22:

FREE vacuum cleaner EC31-2BB for every purchase of a front load washing machine type EWF7555EQWA, EWF8005EQWA, EWF8025EQWA, EWF9025DQWA, EWF9025BQWA, EWF9023BDWA , EWW8023AEWA, EWF7554E3WB, EWF8004E3WB, EWF8024P5WB, EWF9024D3WB, EWF9024P5WB, EWW8024D3WB.
Special for the EWF7555EQWA type, get an additional IDR 500,000 cashback*

Period 01-31 Oct'22:

FREE air purifier PA91-406GY for every purchase of a front load washing machine type EWF1042BDWA, EWF1024P5WB, EWW1024P5WB, EWF1141AEWA, EWF1141SESA, EWF1142Q7WB, EWF1141R9WB

1. Only valid for dealers with invoice print

2. Upload and post the photo of washing bedcover in Instagram before claim the gift. Give the testimony of your experience, wash bedcover with Electrolux washer. Don’t forget to put the hashtag #bedcoverchallenge

3. Claim the gift via the claim button below

4. Claim the gift includes a copy of the invoice print, consumer ID card, complete personal data (name, address, phone no., e-mail), Instagram post URL link, Instagram account name and screenshot posting

5. Prizes are sent directly to the customer's house

6. While supplies last


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