Built in oven free induction cooking pan set

Period: 01-30 Sep 2023

Cashback IDR 1.000.000 for every purchase of BI oven EOG1102COX, KODDP71XA

Every purchase of a built in oven type EOG1102COX  FREE Induction Cooking Pan Set (gifts are collected directly at the shop where the transaction was made)

Every purchase of a built in oven type EOB2100COX, KOHLH00XA, KODDP71XA  FREE Induction Cooking Pan Set

1. Only valid for dealers with invoice print

2. It’s a mandatory to register your product online and provide a rating and reviews on the product page on the website according to the product purchased.

3. Claim the prize via the claim button below

4. Claim sell-out includes a copy of the invoice print, consumer ID card, and complete personal data (name, address, phone no., e-mail)

5. Prizes are sent directly to the customer's house

6. While supplies last

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