Top Load: #ElectroluxAttackCare


Period : 01-31 Mar 2022

Buy an Electrolux top load washing machine of any type EWT705WN, EWT805WN, EWT905WN, EWT105WN, EWT125WD, EWT7588H1WB, EWT8588H1WB, EWT9588H1WB, EWT0H88H1WB, EWT2H88M1SB direct prizes Attack Liquid Detergent 800ml . To get a voucher, follow these steps:

  1.  Like the Electrolux Indonesia Fanpage and Ibu Attack's Solution on Facebook or follow the Instagram account @electroluxindonesia and @solusiibuattack
  2.  Post your washing experience using a top-loading Electrolux washing machine and Attack Liquid Detergent 800ml by mentioning @ElectroluxIndonesia and @SolusiIbuAttack and adding the hashtag #ElectroluxAttackCare in the Instagram caption. Make sure the post is not deleted for 1 month and the account is open to the public during the validation process
  3.  Get Cashback IDR 75.000 and 1 voucher discount worth IDR 75.000 for purchase Attack liquid at JD.ID

Get additional cashback :

  1.  Discount IDR 750.000 for purchase type EWT0H88H1WB, EWT2H88L1WB
  2.   Valid for all channel, offline & online stores

    Purchase In-Store

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