Is It True that a Home AC is Difficult to Maintain?

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Is It True that a Home AC is Difficult to Maintain
Having air conditioner (AC) at home sure is comfortable. No matter how hot it is outside, this appliance can help us overcome it. Unfortunately, many people think that maintenance of home AC is very complicated. While without maintenance, home AC will break down fast.

In fact, AC maintenance at home is actually not as complicated as you imagine. With the note that you pay attention to the following things.

Close Off All Ventilation

If the room where the AC will be installed has ventilation or windows, they need to be closed, whether using cartons, plastic, or other materials. The important thing is that everything has to be sealed tight.

Aside from increasing the efficiency of the AC, this is done to prevent dust from entering the room and clinging to the AC, making it dirty more easily.

Choose an AC with Health Features

Nowadays, there are plenty of air conditioner products equipped with health features. The features can avoid the growth of viruses, bacteria, and mold, although in fact merely about 85% of bacteria and viruses can be eradicated.

Moreover, choose an AC with a panel that complements the design of your room, so the look of the AC can enhance the appearance of your room.

Find One with Easy Maintenance

The above features, from energy saving to the capability of eradicating germs and bacteria, will not be perfect unless the AC continues to be maintained for the functions to perform at maximum capacity. That’s why it is highly recommended that you use the Electrolux air conditioner ESM05CRH-A1.

This AC comes equipped with a number of amazing features. First is the Active Pure, an 8-step innovative filtration system that helps to eliminate 99% of bacteria, making the air clean and healthy. Then there is the I FEEL feature, capable of precisely detecting and adapting to the temperature of your movement in the room.

The last, but certainly not least, feature is the Goldtech Protection, an anti-rust coating technology that provides anti-microbe protection for healthier air, which also simplifies maintenance because the components within the AC do not get rusty easily because they are coated with the Goldtech Protection.

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