Shrink it over: Debunking dryer myths

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Debunking dryer myths

You probably persisted with the laundry rules you grew up with since they had gone unquestioned for so long. The dryer, in particular, has a bad reputation for shrinkage and damages, which scares people into limiting their dryer use. But have you researched to see if these myths are true? You will discover that these are solely due to human error and outdated technology; rather than the machine itself.

Fortunately, innovation has already answered many of your dryer concerns. Thus, allowing you to care for your garments effortlessly. And with a new year starting, it’s time to upgrade your laundry know-how and let go of these misconceptions.

Myth #1: Shrivel and shrink

Fabrics only shrink when they overdry from lack of moisture in the fibres. A good rule of thumb is to check the care label on your clothing first to determine if it is suited for machine drying and what settings are optimal.

Advanced dryers with special programmes like SensorDry on the UltimateCare300 Dryer are gentle to preserve your clothes but precise enough to dry them, eliminating the risk of overdrying.

Myth #2: A wrinkle machine

This notion is caused by human error rather than a machine in most modern dryers. Clothes are spun within a drum filled with hot air in a traditional dryer. The longer they stay there, the more pronounced the creases will be. You may avoid this by removing your damp clothes immediately and using the appropriate dryer setting.

UltimateCare 300 ReverseTumbling alternates drum motions from clockwise to counter-clockwise, reducing wrinkles by up to ⅓ compared to hang drying. This function prevents wrinkles from being firmly set and reduces ironing time.

Myth #3: No place for delicates

Many people believe that excessive heat from a dryer may permanently wrinkle delicate fabrics like silk and that tumbling can snag them. However, technology found a way. The revolutionary UltimateCare 300 Delicate cycle reduces heat to dry your delicate garments while safeguarding the fabric.

Myth #4: Takes forever to dry

Depending on the item, a dryer cycle may last for 20 minutes to an hour and a half. If you think yours is running slower than usual, it might be because your machine is faulty, your lint trap is limiting airflow, or you chose the incorrect setting.

When you need a quick wash, an advanced dryer such as the UltimateCare 300 can get the job done. With Fast timed cycles, this function swiftly dries ordinary textiles and cotton in 30 minutes, making it ideal for smaller loads.

It pays to be up to speed on the latest laundry knowledge and technology since our beliefs, like clothing, are subject to wear and tear. In 2022, attempt to enhance your behaviours using cutting-edge equipment like the UltimateCare 300 Dryer. Discover more here.
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