Be Careful, Sleeping with a Fan on May Cause Death

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Why is it dangerous to sleep with a fan on

Heat can be very disruptive to your sleep. To avoid sleeping with pouring sweat and ensure a comfortable sleep, many people then decide to sleep under the blow of a fan.

Why is it dangerous to sleep with a fan on?

If you’re someone with this habit, be careful because sleeping with the fan on can be very dangerous. There have even been many deaths due to this sleeping habit.

According to Public Health England, most deaths due to the use of a fan during sleep is caused by direct wind exposure from the fan (especially when hitting the face), which causes the lungs to not receive adequate oxygen supply.

Moreover, the habit of sleeping with a fan can increase the risk of Bell’s Palsy, which is a condition of face paralysis marked by difficulty in smiling and swelling in the facial area.

What is the Solution to This?

To prevent this, one of the tricks to be done is by not facing the fan directly onto the body, but redirecting the airflow against a wall. Furthermore, set the wind speed to low and make sure that the ventilation in the house is sufficient.

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