This is the secret to tender and evenly cooked steak

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This is the Secret to Tender and Evenly Cooked Steak

Many people think that cooking steak demands a professional chef level expertise. This is quite reasonable, considering that to achieve a tender and evenly cooked steak, you need precision, caution, and high-level cooking tricks.

For you who want to serve tender and evenly cooked steak, just follow the following tips.

Tenderize and Marinate the Meat

If already using USA or New Zealand beef, you can skip this process because the meat is already tender and can be directly seasoned and roasted. If using local meat, the tenderizing process is a must.

Here’s how: prepare a pineapple then blend until smooth. After that, put the meat into the pineapple puree and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse clean and the meat is ready for seasoning.

Season with Salt and Pepper

Don’t over season. One of the secrets to a tender and perfectly cooked steak is the balanced use of salt and pepper. First, mix the salt and pepper powder, then rub the meat with the mixture.

Don’t forget to use fine salt for better absorption. Then leave for 5-10 minutes for the seasoning to be perfectly absorbed.

Use the Best Microwave

Here’s something you must pay attention to. A tender and evenly cooked steak is highly dependent on the microwave that you use. For the best result, the Electrolux EMS3087X is the best option you can use.

The microwave comes equipped with multiple grill and steam options, making the steak cooking process much easier. Moreover, the microwave is capable of a faster defrosting process, allowing you to serve the dish more quickly.

Do you often leave the microwave to do other activities? Don’t worry, because this microwave has a Child Lock function, which prevents the changing of settings when your little ones randomly press the buttons on the microwave.

This microwave also has the Auto Cook Programs. Just by pressing one button, you can serve special dishes a la professional chefs. How about it? Are you interested in trying the marvels of the Electrolux microwave oven EMS3087X?

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