Here’s the Secret to Tender and Crispy Duck

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Here’s the Secret to Tender and Crispy Duck

Duck is a poultry aside from chicken that is often processed into various dishes. However, cooking duck can be challenging. The tough and gamey characteristics of duck meat need to be handled in multiple steps to produce a delicious dish.

Planning to make a delicious dish with duck meat as the ingredient? Check out the following tips for tender and crispy duck!

Rinse the duck meat until clean and remove the innards

The innards of a duck, just like a chicken, can be the breeding source of bacteria if not immediately removed. First, completely remove the innards then rinse clean under running water.

Then coat the duck using the juice of a lime or lemon. Vinegar can also be applied if you don’t have those fruits available. Leave the meat for 30 minutes for the fishy smell to totally disappear.

Boil the duck meat for one hour

If you want the gamey smell on the duck meat to be completely eliminated, boil it with water with Indonesian bay leaves, lemongrass, lime leaves, and galangal for an hour. Meanwhile, to get the tender meat texture, marinate it with the spices for three hours before boiling. A young pineapple can also be used as alternative.

Boil the duck meat with various spices

Another method that you can apply to get rid of the fishy smell in duck meat is to boil it with various spices. Several types of spices you can choose are mashed garlic, ginger, and turmeric.

Put the duck meat in a pot together with lime leaves, then boil until the duck meat is done to the desired tender texture.

Leave the boiled duck meat overnight

For you who want to fry savory and crispy duck meat, you need to leave it overnight after boiling. Store it in the refrigerator or a tightly sealed pot.

When frying, make sure you use new, plentiful, and very hot oil. Don’t fry it for too long because that can make the duck meat tough.

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