Let's keep the meat fresh, this is the solution!

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keep the meat fresh

All types of meat, from chicken to red meat, are high sources of protein. But what does it mean if you can't keep the meat fresh? Money drifts, quality disappears.

Therefore, you must know the secret of how people can retain the taste of the meat they buy and serve.

Like beef, the cuts come in different portions. Inner has, outer hash, tail, ribs, stomach, and more. These cuts have different thickness and fat content. But in the end, it's the quality that determines how well this meat is sold and cooked. Usually, good beef has a clear 'marble pattern'. According to The Spruce Eats, the marbling or marble pattern is the white spots and lines of fat in the beef.

However, that's not the only benchmark for fresh red meat. Here are three easy tips to check the freshness of the meat you buy!

1. Scent

It is considered the easiest way to check the safety of red meat. Fresh meat does not have any aroma, especially a strange smell. Odd smells include the smell of bleach, ammonia, or a fishy smell in general. Smell the scent up close for more accurate results.

2. Color

Red meats such as beef or lamb are usually bright red in color as an indication of the freshest meat available. However, if the color is slightly purple, the meat means it has been exposed to oxygen. But this is not too dangerous or detrimental. It is a benchmark of freshness only.

3. Texture

Texture is one method that is sometimes forgotten, but actually this method is just as crucial. Touch the meat and press it quite firmly. If the meat bounces back, it means it's fresh. If not, it's likely that the meat has aged because it has lost its elasticity. Likewise, if the meat is sticky or slimy, it means it has rotted.

For the taste of fresh meat dishes, store your red meat in the UltimateTaste 300 refrigerator. The TasteSeal compartment in this refrigerator can maintain a consistent temperature of red meat at -2°C. This temperature is set to keep ingredients in top condition for up to 7 days, and this too without freezing.

This UltimateTaste 300 refrigerator is also complete with a stainless steel tray. This tray ensures a fresh environment for your red meat as it is easy to remove and clean. The finished food ingredients are fresh, hygienic, and free from unwanted odors.

What are you waiting for? Purchase the UltimateTaste 300 refrigerator here and always keep your red meat quality!


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