Quality fruit and vegetables for a healthy family

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Consuming food, in particular fruit and vegetables daily is part of a healthy lifestyle. There are many types of fresh fruit and vegetables with high fiber content that make the choice of your healthy family, and you certainly want to consume them in fresh condition. The nutrition contained in fruit and vegetable is very good to be part of consumed food, which is rich in vitamins.

After the fruit and vegetables are picked, the original nutrition in its ingredient is still rich with nutrition and minerals. But if they are purchased from a fruit or vegetable store, then stored in your home refrigerator, there will be a decline of nutrition in the fruit and vegetables - the nutrition in the fruit and vegetables will be reduced everyday due to changing air temperature.


With the Electrolux NutriFreshTM Inverter refrigerator, the freshness of air temperature around the fruit and vegetables will be consistently maintained. The FreshShield Crisper feature also maintains freshness and nutrition of the vegetables and fruit 7 days longer (based on Australian independent laboratory test, tested and certified by Intertek). This is proved by more than 500 Electrolux customers in Indonesia. With this, you can save time and money for your routine spending.

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They have PROVED IT:



More than 500 Electrolux consumers have proved the advantages of the Nutrifresh Inverter refrigerator through the 7 Day Freshness Challenge.  Open your Instagram app, the find the #7DaysFreshnessChallengehastag page to see our customer testimonials.  Or click https://bit.ly/2LNXrlh


Another advantage of the Electrolux NutriFreshTM Inverter refrigerator


Another advantage

When you buy ice cream from the supermarket for your kid and store it in your Electrolux NutriFresh Inverter refrigerator, the cold ventilation helps to produce ice quicker, so your kid can quickly enjoy the ice cream.  Is there fish in your refrigerator?  Are you worried that its smell will mix with ice cream?  Don't worry  The Deodorizer feature will remove 99% bacteria and bad odor.  A Door Alarm will beep of your refrigerator door is opened too long, which can help you saving energy and of course keeps food fresh.

Freshness of the vegetables and fruit is maintained with the humidity control, with maintained temperature.  It is supported by 360 AirCool which ensures that the food stays fresh and delicious. 

Limited storage food for a large amount of food will not become a problem because the Electrolux NutriFreshTM Inverter refrigerator storage area is large with easy access.  The racks are easy to adjust to get larger space, which gives you convenience in food storage.




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