Say no to it is difficult for a working mom without a housemaid

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The millennial generation is known as an active and creative generation. Unfortunately, the very dense office activities have put many career women in a big dilemma, leaving their careers to focus on the family, or keeping their careers at the expense of extra spending for a housemaid.

For those who are in the dilemma, both functions can actually run in parallel, even without hiring a housemaid. Here's how.

Use a Fixed Schedule.

You must have a fixed schedule for weekdays, starting from waking up earlier to clean up the house preparing breakfast, preparing child school supplies, making preparation before going to work, to driving the kids to school.

With a definite schedule and target, you can set things that are priorities and things that can be done later. Keep in mind that you must be disciplined with the fixed schedule.

Collaboration with Spouse

Houseworks should not be imposed only on one person. You can ask your spouse to help doing domestic works, such as washing the dishes, helping to wake up the children, preparing them to go to school, and other activities.

With a good collaboration with your spouse, your house duties will certainly feel lighter, office work is not lagged and house is maintained well.

Use Appliance that Helps

Currently there are high technology appliance that can make it easier for us to manage the house, without wasting time. For example is washing clothes using Electrolux washing machine, which is a practical solution to keep the clothes clean and maintained.

Don't worry. Washing with Electrolux washing machine can also save household expenditures instead of using a laundry service. Don't believe it? Let's make a calculation.

On average there are 4 people in 1 family in Indonesia. One person produces 7 kg laundry per week, or 28 kg per week for one family.

Looks burdensome? Of course not. Using Electrolux Quartz UltraEco with 8 kg capacity, you only need 2 days for washing, on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, you can focus on washing your spouse's and your clothes (14 kg in 2 washes), while on Sunday, you can focus on washing the children's clothes.

For the wash duration itself, on average one washing process needs only 60-90 minutes. This means, it only requires 4 hours per week to wash 28 kg. Want it even quicker? You can use the Quick Wash feature that only needs 18 minutes washing time.

What about the cost?

Let's make the monthly cost calculation. To wash the laundry of all family members, you'd do 16 washes /month (estimated 4 washes per week). The price of Electrolux Quartz UltraEco washing machine at the market is only Rp. 6,799,000 with a life span of 7 years (84 months). So in one month you only pay for washing cost of Rp. 80 thousand.

Let us compare it with laundry service cost. In large cities, average laundry service cost is Rp. 7,000 per kg. In one month, you must wash 112 kg (28 kg laundry per week x 4). So the total cost is Rp. 784,000 per month.

See?  It's time for you to do the laundry yourself.  More cost efficient, and cleaner too!

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