Smart tip to wash batik clothes in a washing machine

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Batik is not only a cloth with traditional motif, but also an identity of Indonesian people. Its use is not only limited for local wear. You can find batik as formal clothing for various official events to casual types for leisure.

Nevertheless, you must be careful when washing batik, in particular those which are handmade. Before a bad thing happens, let us see the tips below.

Washing batik in a washing machine

Most people wash batik manually to maintain the cloth fibers and motif color. Then is it risky to wash the traditional cloth using a washing machine? Not actually true. Especially if you use Electrolux EWF8005EQWA UltraEco Washing Machine.

Electrolux EWF8005EQWA UltraEco Washing Machine has 2 new exclusive washing programs - Hijab and Batik, that are not only capable of removing stains and dirts on batik, but also protecting your batik cloth color to keep it vibrant. The UltraEco system on this washing machine allows the washing program to run on lower power, so you can save electricity.

For maximum washing, also see the following guidance! 

  1. Read carefully the maintenance label on the batik clothes. Find the maintenance label at the back of the collar or in the clothes. Do not remove the label, because the label contains information about the matters safely done to wash batik and what may not be applied;
  2. Remove the stain manually. Do you find stain or dirt on a batik cloth surface? Do not put it directly into the washing machine! Clean it first with other wetted cloth rubbed with a little detergent. Rub slowly until the stain dissolves and leave for a moment.
  3. Put it into the washing machine together with clothes of similar color. To prevent bleeding or staining other clothes, put batik clothes with similar colors into the washing machine. Fabric type also has effect, so make sure their textures do not differ much from batik;
  4. Use the exclusive program – Batik Program the Electrolux EWF8005EQWA UltraEco Washing Machine. These two washing programs are highly recommended to wash batik clothes.
  5. Dry at a shaded place. When completed, dry the batik cloth at a shaded place to prevent change of color or fabric fibers.

We expect this guidance can help you to improve batik washing using a washing machine.


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