Tips to consume juice appropriately

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Many people say that fruit is better consumed in intact condition, not as juice.  But fruit juice apparently has positive impact for health.  The nutrition in fruit will be easily and quickly absorbed into the blood—which comprises mineral, vitamin, and enzyme.


In general, fruit juice is one of various healthy drinks many people like.  This fresh drink usually also becomes an alternative for many people who take diets and healthy life actors.  Moreover, fruit juice can maintain your physical health and improve stamina.


Consuming fruit juice is indeed beneficial.  On the other side, there are several things to pay attention to when making fruit juice.

Here are some tips to make good fruit juice:


1)   Avoid adding too much sweet ingredients.

Consuming fruit juice has positive impact for health, because nutrition absorption into the blood is better, which allows quick absorption of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.  Meanwhile, many people will like to add sweet ingredients, such as sugar.  The high content of sugar formed from fructose should be avoided when making juice, because it can trigger diabetes and increase blood sugar content.


2)      Wash the fruit first

Not washing the fruit before made into juice apparently can cause bad impact for health.  We need to know that in Indonesia, many fruits planted by farmers are still contaminated by chemicals, such as pesticide, during cultivation.  During the plant growth, the farmers usually spray insecticide to prevent insect germs that can cause disease on the plants.  Even though the fruit is neatly packed at the supermarket, there is no guarantee that the fruit is sterile from pesticide or other dirt on the fruit surface.  So it is very important for you to always wash fruit before making them into juice.


3)             Do not leave the juice at open are too long

If the juice is not consumed immediately, it should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent loss of its nutrition. Our range of Electrolux inverter refrigerators could be your solution to maintain the made juice freshness.  Because if kept for a long time at an open area, the juice will suffer oxidation process due to air and light, so the nutrition in the processed fruit will decrease, or even diminish.  Want to get a better juice nutrition?  After the juice is made, consume it immediately.


4)             Use the right blender

Fruit processed into juice using a blender can reduce the nutrition and cells in the fruit due to the heat transferred by the blender blade.  To prevent a change of nutrition and flavor of fruit when juiced, us a blender which speed and power can be adjusted as necessary.  The Electrolux Masterpiece EBR9804S blender is the answer.

With adjustable power, THE CURRENT ERA BLENDER that has sophisticated technology is also BISPHENOLA FREE (BPA) FREE).  So you can easily make juice without worrying whether the blender is safe.  The glass blender is also packaged in a rugged material and elegant design, very suitable for people who love healthy and stylish lifestyle.

Tips to consume juice


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