Let's start using cooking oil smart & healthy!

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using cooking oil


As an ingredient in cooking, cooking oil is one of the most important components in Indonesia. Starting from fried chicken, fried fish, and even fried foods require cooking oil. It tastes good, but if used too often — it can be dangerous!

The risk of using cooking oil depends on the level of the food available, said UNJP coordinator & nutritionist from France, Sindabarira Isidore. It is also advisable to use cooking oil as much as possible under four times.

That's right, it's too bad if you throw away the cooking oil right away, even though you only use cooking oil once. So, let's start knowing how to use cooking oil smart and healthy!

- Limit the use of cooking oil for cooking!

Cooking oil is ideally used only once. But for the use of several times, it can still be used up to three times. Do not use more than that amount of oil, because the quality of the oil can be damaged. The presence of oxidation from the oil that is often heated makes the food smell bad. Change the oil immediately if the color, smell, and texture on the stove changes.

- Change the type of cooking oil!

Yes, there are many types of cooking oil! Commonly used at home and in fast food restaurants usually use palm oil. But because of the habit of using oil repeatedly, the quality of cooking oil can be bad and your health can be at risk. Get used to changing cooking oil for cooking at home from palm oil. Try olive oil, corn oil, or canola oil. Who knows your food will be even taste better!

- Drain food after frying!

Many fried foods are usually full of oil, so they have to be wiped with a tissue. Avoid those foods! Start getting used to drain fried food after being removed. Either on a cooking oil container or on a layer of paper towels to reduce excess oil.

Smart and healthy use of cooking oil is not only in the oil, but also in the way it is cooked! For good quality oil, set the heat level to no more than 120 degrees Celsius. Try using the Potenza 90cm Gas Hob with 3 burners!

Hobs complete with burners can produce fire heat energy equivalent to 4.8Kw. The flame set on the stove can generate efficient heat for fast heating! Definitely helpful for your cooking process!

Well, let's start living a healthier life, starting from using cooking oil smartly!


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