Watch out! Cigarette smoke that sticks into clothing is hazardous for health

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Cigarette smoke that sticks into clothing is hazardous for health

You must have known or heard that air pollution in our capital city, DKI Jakarta is the worst among the cities. This is very disturbing because air pollution can definitely disrupt the health of yourself and your families.

The worsening pollution in Jakarta does not only come from motor vehicles, but also from cigarette smoke, which although its risk has been informed regularly by the government, many people still smoke. Pollution smoke from a cigarette may not be ignored because other than being hazardous for respiratory organ health, it can also trigger brain damage.


How does pollution smoke trigger brain damage?


Pollution smoke in the form of cigarette smoke can stick to clothing, car seat, couch, to home carpets. Inhaling the smoke smell already absorbed by the fabrics, even though without anyone smoking, can cause a hazard on your health and health of the people nearby.

As told by the site page, this discovery was made a researcher from the University of California, Riverside. According to him, becoming a "third hand smoke" is also hazardous for health.. To find the discovery, the researcher analyzed the effect of cigarette smoke sticking at clothing, to house furniture, on rats.

Manuela Martins-Green, the main study author and a cell biology expert who also took part in the research said that the "third hand smoke" exposure was a hidden toxin that could slowly kill a person. A person can absorb toxin from the cigarette smoke through the skin and respiratory system without having to smoke directly (becoming an active smoker).

Cigarette toxin stay at an object surface for years. It can also stick for a long period on hair, skin, and clothes of a smoker. The remaining tobacco smoke mixed with dust, deposits on the surface, can even pass through dry wall. Scary, isn't it?

So what is the solution?


Do not let all parts and spaces in our house to get exposed to cigarette smoke to prevent any furniture or object in the house from being contaminated by pollution smoke from cigarette smoke. Smoking prohibition at home is not only intended for the family members at home, but also to the guests of the house. 

To remove cigarette smoke sticking to the clothes of the family members due to exposure during activities at public places, wash the clothes immediately using Electrolux UltimateCare™ EWF1042BDWA washing machine, which has an innovative feature, Vapour. Not only effective to remove various smells, including pollution smoke smell from cigarette smoke, this feature can also reduce creases on clothing which eases ironing activity a reduce allergens up to 99.9%. 

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