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Benefits of taking a hot shower

Hot shower is found to bring a lot of benefits to health as addition to maintain a clean skin. So what are the benefits of a hot shower?

  1. Improves blood circulation
  2. Prevents insomnia
  3. Reduces headache
  4. Relaxes muscles
  5. Good for babies
  6. Smoothens skin

Want to get a healthy, safe, and cost-saving hot shower? Electrolux water heater has the solution!

Electrolux has two types of water heaters, storage water heaters and instant water heaters. For more detail, just watch the following video:

You are still confused about selecting a water heater that meets your home need? See the following infographic.

cara memilih water heater yang tepat

So have you decided which Electrolux water heater suits your need?

With Electrolux storage water heater, you can choose the type that suits your need. You can also choose power consumption from 200 watts to 800 watts.

So what are you waiting for? Still looking for other water heater recommendation? Just think again because this Electrolux instant water heater power consumption is very low. Only needs Rp. 1000,- to get warm water flow for 20 minutes.

Get the Electrolux water heater for a healthy, safe, and cost-saving hot water shower now.


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