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6 Differences between Single tub washing machines and Twin tub washing machines

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Are you looking for a new washing machine for your brand-new apartment? Or are you deep into your research and get lost along the way with the countless varieties of washers out there? Or maybe you can’t just get the differences between single tub washing machines and twin tub washing machines?

Fear not, in this article, Electrolux Indonesia is going to explain some of the basic concepts in the world of washers – single tub washing machines and twin tub washing machines.

First off, what are single tub and twin tub washing machines?

A single tub washing machine is designed to do all the washing and spin drying in one tub. This type of washing machine works as a single unit and thus doesn’t need constant monitoring while in operation. A single tub washing machine consists of both front-loading washers and top-loading washers.

On the other hand, twin tub washing machine, as its name implies, has two separate tubs located next to each other – one used for washing and the other for spin drying. This semi-automatic type of washing machine requires you to manually move your laundry from one tub to another during the washing and drying process.

6 Differences between single tub and twin tub washing machines


1. Price


The first notable difference between a single tub washing machine and a twin tub washing machine is their prices. A twin tub washing machine is more of an economical choice since it is usually offered for almost a quarter of the price of a single tub washing machine.


For instance, you only have to spend around Rp1.500.000 on a 7.5 kg twin tub washing machine, whereas a top-loading single tub washing machine costs you roughly Rp3.300.000.


However, one of the reasons for this pricing difference is that twin tub washers are mostly made of plastic and have fewer features compared to single tub washers.

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2. Electricity consumption


In terms of electricity consumption, both single tub and twin tub washers have comparable energy consumption per wash. However, single tub washing machines use slightly more energy if the pre-soak and tub cleaning functions are enabled.


Also, if your model of single tub washing machine has a built-in heater to wash your laundry on warm water (which is mostly found in front-loading washers), it will likely increase the energy consumption.


Even so, don’t be de-motivated by the assumption that using a washing machine will do harm to your electricity bills. Some single tub washers allow washing programmes to run on lower power, saving your energy up to 70%.


So it really comes down to a washer’s functionalities that defines electricity consumption. The more functions a washing machine has, the more energy it relies on. More helpful information can be found in our post about How many watts does a washing machine consume?

Differences 2


Some single tub washers come featured with Energy saver washing programmes which can save your energy up to 70%

3. Water consumption


Water consumption depends on the specification of each washing machine. In general, water usage according to types of washing machines are detailed as follows:


Type of washing machine

Water consumption (litre)

Front-loading washing machine


Top-loading washing machine


Twin tub washing machine



Both top loading washing machines and twin tub washing machines have a vertical tube design, allowing water to be filled on a high level before a spin cycle begins.


However, with twin tub washers, since you need to manually retrieve water for each wash load either by attaching a hose to your twin tub washer or by using buckets to fetch water from the faucet, you have to choose how much water to use in each load. Therefore, this type of washers can become handy in water-restricted houses or drought-affected areas.


On the contrary, a front-loading washer has a horizontal drum design. Because of this, the water level is required to rest below the half-way point of the tub, making this type of washer water efficient.


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4. Maintenance


You might be wondering which one is more durable? A single tub washer or a twin tub washer? Well, if there is a damage to both types of washing machines, a single tub washer will cost you more as it contains more spare and additional parts compared to a twin tub washer.


Therefore, since most of the single tub washing machines are made of metal, you are encouraged to wipe the water off the body of the machine to prevent it from rusting, making the machine more durable. Also, it is recommended to do a quick tub clean after each washing and drying cycle to remove any residue, preventing the building up of mould that might affect your next wash.


However, it is easier to maintain a twin tub washer as this type of washing machine is mostly made of plastic and it doesn’t have an inner and outer tube design.


5. Appearance


A single tub washing machine works as a single unit with one tub handling all the washing, rinsing and drying processes, which makes the entire package compact and thus easier to place in a small and limited laundry space. This might be one of the reasons that make Electrolux washing machines such as the Electrolux UtraEco EWF8005EQWA popular choices among Indonesian consumers.

On the other hand, since a twin tub washing machine contains both a washing tub and a dryer tub, this type of washing machine is bulky, which will take up a lot of space in the laundry room.

6. Washing-drying process

Single tub washing machines work automatically without you having to be there for the drying process. And your laundry will be dry up to 90%.

 How to load your washing machine properly | Electrolux

How to load your washing machine properly | Electrolux

However, with twin tub washing machines, you will need to move your laundry to the dryer tub next to the washing one. The drying result can reach 70%. Remember, be careful when moving wet loads between tubs as you might need to unplug the washing machine to avoid getting electric shock.

Comparison of single tub and twin tub washing machines: Advantages & disadvantages


Single tub washing machines

Twin tub washing machines


·      Practical due to its automatic operation

·      Time saving

·      Better drying level, up to 90%

·      Relatively affordable

·      Energy efficient (the operating system is still manual)

·      Low maintenance costs


·      Relatively more expensive

·      Requiring more energy usage

·      Higher maintenance costs


·      The operation is still semi-manual, you have to be in control of the washing- drying process

·      Requiring a lot of water for each wash load

·      Might have to be careful of electric shock while moving your laundry from tub to tub

·      Drying rate is lower, up to 70%

·      Taking up more space

Verdict: Which one is better - single tub washing machine or twin tub washing machine?

Choosing the right washing machine is not an easy task. Every home is different, so no single model of washing machine can handle the requirements of different households in terms of laundry demands, meeting the budget needs, or spatial capacity needs.

The differences between a single tub washing machine and a twin tub washing machine are varied and each may cater differently to your specific requirements. However, based on the summary above, if you’d prefer to save time and avoid the extra work while doing your laundry, a single tub washer will probably be a better choice. This is because you don’t have to worry about the washing and drying process like you would with a twin tub washer.

 With Electrolux washing machines, it's easy to add the clothes you've forgotten during a wash cycle

With Electrolux washing machines, it's easy to add the clothes you've forgotten during a wash cycle

And if you’re still wondering about the energy consumption of single tub washing machines, there are a wide range of electricity saving washers now on promotion. We are currently offering a variety of different Electrolux front-loading and top-loading washing machines that are both ergonomic and energy efficient. Check us out!


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