How many watts does a washing machine consume? Let's do this simple calculation

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Among all house appliances, many people quit using washing machines to save on electricity. A washing machine is considered the electronic appliance that consumes most electricity and increases electricity bill significantly.


Is the power consumption of a washing machine really that much?

How many watts does a washing machine actually consume?

Before you accuse a washing machine as power hungry and increases your electricity bill and then opts to quit using it, let us do the calculation according to average washing habit of a family in Indonesia.

For example, say you use a washing machine that consumes 350 watts of power for washing and drying your laundry. Say you use the washing machine twice a week in duration of 2 hours per wash (using the Quick time model). It means the washing machine works for about 4 hours per week, or 16 hours per month.

The calculation formula is very simple.

  • Power consumption = appliance power rating x duration of use (hours)
  • 1 month washing machine power consumption = 350 watts x 16  hours = 5,600 WH = 5,6 kWH.

We have get the total electric energy for the washing machine. Now let's calculate the cost to operate the washing machine.

  • Electricity cost = usage (kWh) x Electricity Base Rate (TDL)
  • Electricity cost = 5.6 x Rp. 1,467 per kWh = Rp 8,215,00.


So for 1 month use of the washing machine, the cost is Rp. 8.215,00 (Eight Thousand Two Hundred and Fifteen Rupiahs). This calculation is made based on 1300VA house non-subsidized power limit (basic electricity rate of Rp. 1,467 per kWh).

So do you still consider it expensive?

You can even save more watts with Electrolux UltraEco front load washing machines

Although it is already very low, you can still reduce power cost for a washing machine even further by using the Electrolux UltraEco front load washing machines. This specific product range is claimed to be able to complete a washing cycle even more efficiently compared other Electrolux washing machine products.

Keep in mind that it is the older Electrolux product series. Electrolux washing machines are known to be power efficient and can do washing effectively.

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Furthermore, this washing machine is completed with a Leaf Filter and Lily Drum, that ensure gentler tumbling in the washing machine. The effect is that not only the laundry becomes cleaner, but also preserved and keeps its vibrant color.

Hopefully, our post has addressed your concern over how many watts a washing machine consumes or whether it’s worth investing on one.

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