Showering with Hot Water Before Sleeping Can Help with Insomnia!

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Insomnia is a serious issue that needs immediate solving. Otherwise, aside from disrupting your productivity, insomnia may cause health problems, from physical to mental.

For physical health issues, insomnia may increase the probability for obesity, decrease the body’s immune system, and upset your metabolism. While for mental health, insomnia may cause bad moods, stress, and even depression.

How to Overcome This?

To deal with insomnia, many measures can be taken. According to the results of a study published in the US National Library of Medicine journal, one of which is by showering with hot water before sleeping.

In her description, Dr. Dianna Augelli, head of the research team as well as a sleep expert from the Center for Sleep Medicine, mentioned that showering with hot water before sleeping will lower the body temperature, improve blood circulation, and make us more relaxed.

When we’re more relaxed, this condition encourages the body to fall asleep more easily, and the sleep quality will increase.

However, Dianna recommended that you don’t take a hot shower right before sleeping. Try to shower 1-2 hours before sleeping, because the body needs to lower its temperature to get the right level of relaxation.

For maximum results, as quoted from Women’s Health, Dianna suggested that you follow this habit by drinking a glass of warm milk. Aside from filling the stomach, milk also relaxes the body and quality sleep is more easily obtained.

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