Electrolux Life. Your Connectivity guide.

This short FAQ guide will help you get the best out of your new appliance in combination with the Electrolux Life App for your smartphone, and overcome any connection issues you may have on initial setup.


  • How do I reset the Wi-Fi connection on my appliance?

    Press and hold the “Remote” button for approximately 10 seconds until you hear a beep and the Wi-Fi icon turns off.  

  • How do I delete an existing appliance from the App?

    At the bottom of the homepage screen, go to the “Appliances” menu and choose “ManageAppliances”. Swipe left on the appliance that you wish to delete and tap “Remove”.

  • How do I check the Wi-Fi frequency of my home network?

    In general, all Wi-Fi routers have a 2.4GHz band. Modern and newer routers are often dual-band that support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. You may wish to look up your router’s model on the manufacturer’s website to be sure which band you are currently using. Some routers have ‘Dual Band’ written on the router itself or on the product packaging. Alternatively, you may also look at your network’s name (SSID).


    Your Wi-Fi router may be broadcasting 2 networks with different names to indicate the Wi-Fi frequency – for example, 2.4GHz-available networks may have 2, 2.4G or 2.4GHz as part of the network name when you search for available Wi-Fi networks. If you are not able to detect your Wi-Fi frequency from your device, please contact your Internet Service Provider.



    • Only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks are currently supported by the Electrolux Life App.
    • The 2.4GHz band offers coverage for farther distances and is recommended for the Electrolux Life App as it has better penetration through solid objects like walls and floors. This enables you to use the features of the Electrolux Life App without any hindrance.
  • Can I use a phone's hotspot to set up the appliance?

    Setting up the appliance requires a stable Wi-Fi network. You may set up the appliance using your phone’s hotspot if the connection is stable and strong throughout the setup process, which takes approximately 5 minutes depending on your network speed.


    However, to enjoy a seamless user experience, we recommend using a router to set up the appliance. Make sure that the router is located in a central spot in the home, relatively close to all of the connected appliances. If there are metal objects in the immediate vicinity of the router, try to remove them so that they do not interfere with its signal.

  • Could the lock screen (‘fall to sleep’ during set up) be the reason for a non-successful set-up of the appliance?

    If your phone screen becomes locked during the set-up process, you may experience difficulty in completing a successful set-up between your phone and the appliance. You may opt to disable the screen lock feature on your phone during the set-up process for reasons of convenience.


    How to disable Auto Lock on iOS devices:

    • Launch Settings from the Home screen
    • Tap on Display & Brightness
    • Tap on Auto Lock
    • Choose the Never option


    How to disable Screen Lock on Android devices:

    • Launch the Menu option from the Home screen
    • Tap on Settings
    • Tap on Security
    • Tap on Screen Unlock and select Set Up Screen Lock
    • Select the None option (If you have an existing secure unlock password set up, you’ll be prompted to enter it before you can disable the lock screen)
  • When I turn on the appliance’s Wi-Fi, I only heard one beep. Is that correct?

    To turn on the appliance’s Wi-Fi, press and hold the "Remote" button for 3 seconds. The appliance’s Wi-Fi is turned on when you hear a second beep, followed by “On” and a flashing Wi-Fi icon on the appliance’s control panel.  


    If you only heard one beep, the appliance’s Wi-Fi is not yet activated. Try restarting the appliance and continue with the steps listed above.

  • Do I have to disconnect from one Wi-Fi network before connecting to a new one?

    No. In both iOS and Android devices, you can directly select a new Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to and the device will switch to the newly selected network automatically.

  • Why is it required to include one number and one special character in the password?

    A weak, predictable password is susceptible to security attack. By adding at least one number and one special character, you increase the complexity of your password and make it less likely for any unauthorized access.


  • How do I activate Wi-Fi settings on my phone?
    Your Connectivity guide 1
    Your Connectivity guide 2
  • How do I turn on Location Services settings on my phone?
    Your Connectivity guide 3
    Your Connectivity guide 4
  • How do I connect my appliance to my home Wi-Fi network using an iOS phone/tablet?
    1. At the bottom of the App’s homepage screen, go to “Appliances”
    2. Tap on “Add Appliance” and choose “Yes”
    3. Select the appliance you wish to connect in the drop-down menu and select “Continue”
    4. Turn on your appliance’s Wi-Fi by pressing and holding the “Remote” button on your appliance for 3 seconds. The appliance’s Wi-Fi is turned on when you hear a beep, followed by “On” and a flashing Wi-Fi icon on the appliance’s control panel.

      Your Connectivity guide 5
    5. Connect your appliance to your smart device:
      For Android devices, select your appliance’s Wi-Fi network from the drop-down list.
      For iOS devices go to “Settings” and select your appliance’s Wi-Fi network, then return to the Electrolux Life App which shows this screen.
      Please note it might take up to one minute for the appliance’s Wi-Fi network to display as active.
      Your Connectivity guide 6
    6. Connect your appliance to your home Wi-Fi by selecting the network name and typing in your home Wi-Fi password.
    7. Once the connection is successfully established, the Wi-Fi button will stop flashing and you will hear a beep.
    8. To complete the product registration, add your appliance name/model and purchase date on the Electrolux Life App.  Please ensure that you read and agree to the Electrolux Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that apply to the App and use of the appliance.

    Your Connectivity guide 7

  • Can appliances be accessed by several devices at the same time?

    Yes, a home appliance can be accessed by different mobile devices connected to the same appliance.

  • Are there minimum requirements for my Wi-Fi router?

    The popular 2.4GHz band offers coverage over greater distances and is recommended for the Electrolux Life App as it has better penetration through solid objects like walls and floors. This enables you to use the full features of the Electrolux Life App easily.

  • Should I be concerned about data protection and data security?

    We use cutting-edge encryption technology, and we continuously review and test our system security and update them whenever necessary.

  • What characterizes the special Electrolux Life security concept?
  • Can I also prevent my appliance from sending any data?
  • How can I delete my Home Connect account?

    You can delete your Electrolux Life account by contacting our Customer Care.
    You can find further Customer Care details under “Support” –> “Contact us”.

  • Will there also be a LAN interface for home appliances?

    No, a LAN connection is not planned for release because Electrolux Life uses Wi-Fi for data exchange.

  • Do I need any other equipment apart from my appliance and the Wi-Fi router to set up the connected appliance on my Electrolux Life app?

    No. Your home appliances communicate with your smartphone or tablet via the Wi-Fi router. No other equipment is necessary.

  • My home appliance has a weak Wi-Fi signal because it is a long way from my Wi-Fi router. Does this mean I cannot use Electrolux Life to connect my appliance?

    There are various options available here. It is possible to extend the range of your Wi-Fi router with a Wi-Fi extender. If the Wi-Fi extender is placed between the appliance and the router, wireless Internet reception could, for example, extend to the basement or outside utility room without any issues.

    A second option is to use a “powerline” adapter to extend the Internet to your home appliance. You can then log into the Internet directly with your networked appliance and control it this way.

    Our Customer Service team is happy to advise you in either case and help you with any hardware or connection issues you may experience (available under “Home” – “Connect”).

  • How do I know whether any Wi-Fi reception will be available where I have my appliance situated?

    Electrolux Life App has a handy Wi-Fi connection speed test under “Connectivity Guide” in the “Appliances” section. You can use this to check the reception where your appliance is located.

  • What are the Wi-Fi requirements?
    • Home appliances are only compatible with a 2.4 GHz band. When you connect an appliance, please change the settings for your network accordingly.
    • Electrolux Life does not work with Wi-Fi networks which require browser registration, i.e.- where a user name and password must be entered via a web browser, such as when connecting in a public location like an airport or coffee shop.
    • You should have a stable Wi-Fi network with a good signal and access to the Internet for optimal use, 24/7.
    • The use of proxies/VPN is not recommended.
  • For which operating systems is Electrolux Life available?

    The app is available for iOS and Android.

  • What will the app cost to download, and from where can I download the app?

    The app is free of charge and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

  • What do I need to do if I move my Electrolux connected appliances to another country?
  • Do I need an Electrolux account to connect my appliance with Electrolux Life?

    Yes, you will need to create an Electrolux Life account. To do so, please download and install the Electrolux Life app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  • The appliance won’t connect to WiFi. What should I do?

    Please make sure you have followed the steps in the set up guideand are sure you are using a 2.4GHz network. If you are getting any specific errors or are still unsure as to why the device will not connect to the appliance, please contact Electrolux Customer Care.

  • Does the appliance and my phone need to be on the same network?

    Your appliance and phone need to be set up on the same network; however, once you have successfully completed your first setup, you can use the app on a different network as well.

  • What is a “Connected Appliance”?

    A Connected Appliance communicates with your mobile device using wireless (Wi-Fi) technology. Connected Appliances may tell you that your air or water filter needs to be changed, or that the cycle on your appliance has finished. Connected Appliances make tasks easier to do at home, and can help you save on energy costs too, as well as making things like product registration easier.

  • How do I reset or change my password?

    On the sign-in screen, click on the “Forgot Password” button. You will be prompted to enter your email address and your secret answer to proceed to change the password.

  • How do I contact Electrolux Customer Care?

    You can find information on how to contact Electrolux Customer Care in “Support” - “Contact us” in your Electrolux Life App.

  • How do I register my Smart Appliance?

    When you create an account with Electrolux Life and set up your appliance on your home Wi-Fi, the appliance will be registered with Electrolux and this automatically activates your warranty. 

  • If I lose power, does my appliance lose its connection?

    Yes, if power is lost to your house supply, your router will be disconnected from the internet, thus disconnecting the connection to the appliance. The good news is that as soon as power is restored, the appliance will automatically re-connect and function normally without intervention. 

  • What happens if I change my home router?

    If you change your home router at any time after connecting to your smart appliance, you will need to “re-provision” your new home router to the smart appliance. It’s better to use the same email and password that you initially provisioned with as this makes continued use more seamless. 

  • How do I connect my appliance to my Frigidaire app?

    Please review the ‘step-by-step instructions’ that came with the appliance for details on how to connect your appliance to relevant apps such as the Frigidaire application/user interface.


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