What is the Right Refrigerator Temperature for Storing Food?

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Is the food you store in the refrigerator often spoiled and no longer fit for consumption? If the answer is yes, then there’s a big chance there is something wrong with the temperature of the refrigerator you have in your home.

Why is it important to store food in refrigerator at the right temperature?

Having a refrigerator at the right temperature is the key to ensure that produce and leftovers can remain for a long time. Moreover, storing food at the right temperature is one of the easiest ways to prevent diseases potentially carried by foodstuffs kept in the refrigerator, such as consuming spoiled or expired eggs and milk.

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What is the recommended fridge temperature for food storage?

According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, refrigerator temperature is recommended to be at or below 4° Celsius. However, not all refrigerators are equipped with a thermometer, making determining the right temperature confusing. Fortunately, the price of refrigerator thermometer is considerably cheap and can be bought at most kitchen appliance stores.

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Then how do we properly store food in the refrigerator?

Routinely check the thermometer to ensure that the foodstuffs are safe. To keep maintaining the temperature, use the following methods:


  • Make sure the refrigerator door is always closed. Only open the refrigerator door when you need to take or place foodstuffs.

  • Avoid stacking food. Not stacking foodstuffs causes the air to flow better through the refrigerator and freezer. A stacked or even full refrigerator tends to be warmer compared to a refrigerator with well distributed and not too tightly packed contents.

  • Routinely clean the coil of the refrigerator. Just as any other appliance, your refrigerator needs maintenance, and one of the parts that must be routinely maintained is the coil. Make sure there’s no dust or dirt sticking to this part because dirt can cause a decrease or decline in the overall cooling capacity of the refrigerator.

To keep the freshness of foodstuffs, aside from routinely checking the temperature, ensure that your refrigerator has a moisture control feature like the Electrolux NutriFresh™ Inverter ETB5400B-A refrigerator. The moisture control feature keeps the moisture in the refrigerator stable, making the foodstuffs that we store last and stay fresh longer, so we can always consume delicious dishes made from fresh ingredients.

This Electrolux refrigerator also has the 360 Cooling feature, which circulates the air in the whole refrigerator and keeps it at a constant temperature. Each rack is cooled separately, and food is well maintained wherever you place it. Learn about other Electrolux refrigerators here or find out more about our Electrolux NutriFresh Inverter ETB5400B-A product as shown below:


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