Six easy ways to give your clothes a longer life

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give your clothes a longer life

Everyone will probably have garments collecting dust at the back of their closet — old-looking, stained, stretched or faded. Many of these were new only a few months ago. Ninety percent of our garments are actually thrown away long before their intended lifespan. The culprit? Poor laundry habits.

Not only is this a waste of investment, it also contributes to fast fashion and environmental damage when you use too much water, energy and detergent. By adopting small habits every laundry day, you can help your clothes and the planet live longer. Here are some tips for proper garment care:

Not one temperature fits all

Different fabrics need different water temperatures to retain colour, sanitise, remove stains and heavy soils. As a general rule, use hot for removing bacteria and cold to gently clean delicates and bright coloured garments.

But at what temperature should you set your washer to? Avoid guesswork with the wide range of Variable Temperatures that the UltimateCare 500 Washer offers for all types of fabric. Just choose among six presets so the washer can adapt the cycle temperature to ensure your garments receive the right level of care.

Launder less

Not all clothes need to be thrown in the washer after every wear. Jeans, sweaters and coats can be worn many times before washing, otherwise, frequent agitation and exposure to water could wear them out. Gauge if you’ve sweated or spent a lot of time outdoors in them. If not, you get a free pass from hauling wet, heavy clothes from your washer — plus well-maintained clothes that look new for longer.

Don’t eyeball the cycle

The wrong ratio of water and cycle time can increase wear and tear on your clothes while unnecessarily using more energy — inflicting damage on your savings, your wardrobe, and the environment. Avoid this with our UltimateCare 500 with AutoSense technology that intelligently adjusts time, water, and energy depending on your load size for the most optimal care.

Clean on the spot

Don’t let stains set. The longer a stain stays, the more likely it will stick. Prevent this with immediate treatment using natural laundry stain removers. Simply saturate set-in stains with vinegar, rub the spot with a paste made from equal parts vinegar and baking soda, and pop in the washer for a cool rinse.

Use the right programme

Handwashing is believed to be the safest option for your woollens and delicates since heat and movement in a washer may shrink or snag them. But technology has kept up. Your treasured clothes are safe in washers as long as you use the dedicated programmes for them.

Trust our UltimateCare 500 which has a dedicated Woolmark certified program that combines low temperature with very low spin speeds to gently care for your clothes as if you were hand-washing them.

Store them well

Clothes need breathing space too, especially those with natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. It’s important that they’re stored in a cool, dry, and well ventilated area to prevent mildew. While hanging them retains their shape and keeps them winkle-free, make sure you’re using wooden or padded hangers. Heavy garments like sweaters may be folded instead so they don’t stretch out.

Adopting sustainable practices is the best way to make a fashion statement, because when you help your clothes live longer, the planet does too. Care for both with the UltimateCare 500 Washer. Discover more here.


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